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Experience with LSD or acid is commonly referred to as a hallucination. Hallucinations are defined as unusual perceptions without a corresponding reality. This definition comes from the older English term ‘hallucination,’ which originally meant ‘a false appearance.’ In this sense, the word originates from the Latin ‘illus,’ which means ‘false.’ Both acid and lsd have become synonymous with altered states of consciousness, and have even become a part of popular culture. Many people have experienced these mind-bending substances without ever knowing what they’re called. Both acid and lsd have many interesting properties, and are useful in many fields of study. Both acid and lsd are used in spiritual and religious ceremonies worldwide. They are taken in order to enter different states of mind or consciousness.

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This can include meditation, prayer and even yoga. Additionally, both acid and lsd have been used to treat several mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. Due to the present criminalization of both, it is extremely difficult for anyone to obtain either substance in a safe, unsupervised manner. Lifewise, both acid and LSD have given rise to the terms ‘trippy’ and ‘psychedelic.’ Even though the word ‘psychedelic’ has a negative connotation these days, it originally came from the Greek ‘psyche,’ meaning ‘mind.’ Thus, the word originally referred to a state of mind rather than a drug itself. Although both substances are still subject to legal restrictions in some parts of the world, it’s still possible to find them for sale online. A high price prevents many people from buying these drugs however; even when their use is medically justified.

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From what I understand about the effects of LSD, it can give you a glimpse into your subconscious mind. Your mind takes you to different places where you can learn new things or solve problems. An experience with LSD or acid is commonly referred to as a hallucination. Even though that’s not exactly right- both substances have an effect on your perception – they do have a positive effect on your brain chemistry. Essentially, they change how you think while having an intoxicating effect on your central nervous system. Both acid and LSD have the potential to change your view of the world; essentially giving you a better understanding of yourself and others.

Their effects are still being studied by psychologists; but they’re also used in medicine under proper medical supervision. Even if legal restrictions keep these substances out of hands that can use them responsibly, their presence online remains an improvement on current laws.

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