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Quick Look at the Cleopatra Slot

All kinds of animals were held in high regard by the Ancient Egyptians. Dogs held a high status, in part due to their usefulness as hunting companions, and Apis bulls were probably given a proper burial after death. So, let’s talk about today’s review topic: cats, which the Ancient Egyptians purportedly held in high esteem as symbols of good fortune. Cleocatra, developed by Pragmatic Play, is a departure from the norm for online slots in that instead of having the goddess Bastet symbolize cats, cats themselves take center stage.

Pragmatic Play has adopted a lighthearted tone in this regard, using cute depictions of felines to set a comical tone. However, other from that, the game is completely immersed in an Egyptian setting, complete with sensuous soundtrack, loads of sand and desert, sunny skies, and pyramids. In truth, the scenery and soundtrack would be somewhat unremarkable if it weren’t for the swarm of cats watching over Cleocatra’s 5×4 reel set. Cleocatra is, aside from its feline protagonists, a standard Pragmatic Play slot, so players can count on the typical high-quality, reliably-operating Pragmatic Play experience.

Along with the mostly recognizable perspective comes a collection of solid Pragmatic Play numbers. There are three different levels of return to player (RTP), the highest of which is 96.2% (lower levels are 95.5% and 94.5%). Wild multipliers and line winnings are part of the action in all variations of this game, which features strong volatility (ranked 5 out of 5). There are 40 preset paylines in the game that may be used for this purpose, and players win when three or more of the same symbol appear anywhere on a line, from left to right. Cleocatra may be played on any device, and wagers can be anywhere from 20 pence to £/€100 every spin.

It’s time to take a closer look at the four feline premium symbols. The four cats are followed by the Ankh, a crook and flail tile, and the ten through ace cards. For the lows, a winning line of five symbols is worth 1-1.5 times the wager, for the mids 2.5-3.75 times the stake, and for the cats 5-20 times the stake. The wilds of Cleocatra can provide some thrilling moments. They can appear on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5, and they can replace any other pay symbol. The wins they are a part of are multiplied by 2 or 3 times when they appear. In the event of a win involving several multiplier wilds, the multipliers will be combined together.

Cleopatra Slot Machine Functions

Cleocatra is a hybrid slot machine that combines elements from other games, such as a Respin Feature and a Free Spins bonus round with sticky Wilds.

Rotating Function

The main game’s respin feature can activate with a full reel stack of cat symbols. All visible cat symbols are locked into place, along with any wilds that match them, and the remaining symbols are respun. You’ll keep getting re-spins until you get a winning combination.

Bonus Turns

Scatter paw prints can appear anywhere on the reels, and 3, 4, or 5 of them trigger 8, 12, or 16 free games, accordingly. Any time a wild lands on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5 during free spins, it will stay in place for the duration of the bonus round. When wilds appear, they provide the same x2 or x3 multiplier as in the main game. Free games are multiplied by two if a complete stack of cats appears on the first reel.

You Can Buy Spins If You Want To

Scatters award immediate free games in the standard game for a cost of 100x the total stake if 3, 4, or 5 appear on the reels at once.

The Case for Cleopatra’s Slots

Cleocatra’s sole use of cats is both appropriate for an Egyptian slot and a reflection of her uniqueness, given the high regard in which felines were held in antiquity. We received the idea that Foxium put more effort into being creative with their game, 3 Tiny Gods, than Pragmatic Play did with Cleocatra, which feels like it was made by taking a collection of standard Egyptian graphics and sound files and then throwing in a few cats. Given that the remainder of the game plays like a textbook example of an Ancient Egyptian slot machine—something that may be seen as a plus or minus, depending on one’s preferences—this is understandable.

While the gameplay as a whole is novel, many of the individual elements feel like rehashes of established concepts. This is not meant as a critique, but rather as an indication of how Cleocatra operates. There are echoes of Great Rhino in the Respin function, and the sticky wild feature may have been lifted straight from The Dog House. Cleocatra improves upon The Dog House by doubling the number of paylines and allowing wild multipliers to emerge (and remain) on reel 5 rather than just the middle three reels. If you put these two together, you may conclude that Cleocatra offers more potential for excitement than The Dog House, though we’ll leave cat and dog lovers settle that amongst themselves. The third limitation is that the potential falls a bit short of that of its canine competitor, Pragmatic Play, despite the additional ways and reel for wilds to land on, due to a 5,000x the bet win ceiling.

Cleocatra has all it needs to amuse Egyptian fans and those searching for an alternative to The Dog House: great production qualities, proven features, and cute felines. In the sake of fairness, I would say that Cleocatra, without the cats, does have a familiar feel. Still, it’s a clever name.






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